Goblin Hollow

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Goblin Hollow
Author(s) Ralph Hayes, Jr.
Update schedule Mondays(?)
Launch date 2000
End Date Ongoing
Genre  ?
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Goblin Hollow (formerly known as Under the Lemon Tree) is a comic created by Ralph Hayes, Jr., who also produces several other webcomics.

Under the Lemon Tree[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

The comic centers around Ben Bruin, who arrives home one day from his job at the "Bullseye" department store to discover he now shares his home with six posse-tulpas, plus later a seventh, small characters each of whom represents an aspect of his personality that he had repressed. They are not usually visible to anyone except Ben and a select few others (including Lily Feldspar, for that matter), but they are able to wreak havoc on Ben's life until he learns to deal with them.

One of Ben's co-workers, Lily Feldspar, soon becomes his girlfriend and the only other person who knows about the tulpas and can see them on a regular basis. Eventually, Ben and Lily get married. After Ben loses his job at Bullseye, they buy an old haunted house and convert it into a video arcade.

Note: The strip archives prior to the opening of the arcade are currently unavailable.


The author did a retcon, changing the tuplas into goblins that hatched from eggs. As such, there were seven that hatched. The author has put some of the pre-retcon strips as flashbacks.

Current Premise[edit]

The webcomic centers around Ben and his wife running their arcade, Goblin Hollow, as well as their trials.


Main characters[edit]

  • Ben Bruin
Lily Bruin
  • Lily Bruin - Ben Bruin's wife
  • Penny Feldspar - Lily's little sister

Secondary characters[edit]

Fred Rabbit
  • Fred Rabbit
  • Merry Beaver - Another of the "Goblin Hollow" employees, Merry was also a fellow worker with Ben at the "Bullseye" department store, where she worked as one of the clerk staff, despite being the niece of their employer, "Boss" Beaver. She's dating the "Bullseye"former janitor, Rico Chihuahua|Rico]]. Though Merry can be bit of a softspoken knucklehead, she can find her share of backbone when the going gets tough on the job.
  • Rico Chihuahua - The last of the "Goblin Hollow" employees quartet, and Merry Beaver's boyfriend

Incidental characters[edit]

  • Beltane
  • Roz Poodle
  • "Boss" Beaver
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