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Author(s) Rukis
Launch date 2010
End Date 2012
Genre Romance, drama
Censor NC17.png

Cruelty is a comic created, written, and drawn by Rukis. The story is a gay-themed drama following the story of high school students Marcus, a gay fennec fox, and his best friend Reis, a heterosexual wolfdog who discovers that he fell in love with Marcus.

At 44 pages, Rukis considered this a "practice comic". However, it sold out within the first day of the Anthrocon 2010. Rukis went on to create a sequel, Unconditional; set years later, it depicts the everyday life of Reis and Marcus (now a couple). Unconditional debuted as a webcomic in 2011 and finished the following year, concluding the story of Reis and Marcus. A printed edition was later released, featuring an exclusive epilogue.

She also released a three-page short comic commission entitled Partners, taking place after the events of Unconditional.

In 2018, Rukis released a remastered version of Cruelty, with all pages in color and featuring a newly redesigned cover.


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