Uncle Kage's Story Hour

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Story hour at Eurofurence 10

Uncle Kage's Story Hour is a stand up performance that is given by Dr. Samuel "Uncle Kage" Conway at Anthrocon and many other conventions. It usually lasts between an hour and an hour and a half.


Uncle Kage's career as a storyteller began at ConFurence in 1994 when he was idly entertaining some friends with a tale in the lobby of the hotel. Passersby began to congregate to listen, and by the time he finished he had attracted a sizeable crowd. It was then that artist Colin Crisanti playfully tugged on "Kagemushi's" sleeve and said, "Tell us another story, Uncle Kage!"

The moniker stuck, and the following year Uncle Kage was invited back to tell stories as an official event. For the next few years his Story Hours were held in hotel lobbies for want of large enough rooms, but in recent years he has performed on stage in large ballrooms for audiences as large as 1500 people.


The various furry, science fiction, and fantasy cons that have featured Uncle Kage's Story Hour include:

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