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unci (full name: unci narynin) is a snow leopard of German origin, now living in Styria (Austria). He participated in starting EuroFurence, FurryAlpin, Furry Eclipse and Lakeside Furs. He is one of the head wizards of Furscape (playing an irbis there) and active on FurryMUCK since 1993. He has been active in more MUCKs in the past, and built much of the landscape of SPR as one of its first wizards, but left that MUCK in 1999. Both SPR and Furscape have title screens designed by unci.

He is mostly quadruped, with blue eyes, grayish-pink nosetip and pawpads and soft dense silvery white fur with regular snow leopard markings, fluffy enough that his gender does not become apparent, a long tail and big paws with sharp claws.

Unci is also the founder of the Free paws community, and an infrequent furry artist. He is also interested in typeface design, among his creations are the eurofurence typefaces (designed for the convention of the same name).

In real life he works as a CAD engineer and is a railway fanatic.

He should not be confused with Unciaa.

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