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Unbirth, full Unbirthing, or just UB, also known by its furspeech term, Re-Whelping/Re-Whelped,[1] is the term used to describe the paraphilia involving the desire to be "swallowed alive" by female genitalia, or when a female fur takes another into her womb and "gestates" that fur for a time as her unborn child.


Less common alternates are UB-Vore, wherein the female unbirther's body ultimately consumes the unbirthed, and Cock vore, whereas the males or intersex characters absorb others (generally other males) via the urethra into the abdominal area or testicular sac as a form of male pregnancy, this particular variant often involves Hypertrophilia and/or Macrophilia.

Views regarding unbirthing[edit]

There are several different, slightly overlapping camps of thought regarding this philia:

  • For many,[who?] unbirthing is attractive in its symbolic meaning.[citation needed] The opportunity to trust someone quite literally with one's entire life, to be nurtured and protected, is what attracts the unbirthed. On the other side, the unbirther can demonstrate her care for another in a deep, trusting way, and enjoy something living inside her, a sensation often attractive in and of itself.
  • For others,[who?] unbirthing is a form of dominance (hence the Vorarephilia aspect).[citation needed] The attraction of unbirthing centers upon the control gained over another creature: the unbirthed's freedom or movement is restricted, and their senses are (at best) muffled. The unbirthed is dependent upon the unbirther, relying on them for sustenance and oxygen.
  • Another aspect of unbirth attractive to some[who?] is the age-regression scenario which may take place inside an unbirther's womb.[citation needed] Returned to the womb, an unbirthed creature grows younger; the unbirther may choose to rebirth their guest at any point or simply regress the unbirthed past the point of conception, effectively erasing their existence. There are many variations on this theme, some overlapping with the oviposition philia.
  • A fourth group comprised of the overlap between fans of unbirth and those of vore lies in the endosomatophilia paraphilia or attraction to fantasies involving complete encapsulation of a living thing within the body of another living thing.[citation needed] A second overlap between the two lies in absorbing or digesting an unbirthed creature: a form of genital vore.[citation needed]

Unbirthing and furry media[edit]

Unbirthing art is not uncommon in the furry fandom, with the best-known UB artist at one point being Mamabliss, until their apparent departure from the fandom. Other UB artists include Duo Radon and MrPerson, among others.

As for UB authors within the furry writing community, some noted noted ones include Dream Weevil, Animakitty, Grolbek, JessKATT, Smokescale and Rochndil, et al.


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