Ultimate Furry Survey

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Ultimate Furry Survey
Ultimate Furry Survey Logo.PNG
Ultimate Furry Survey OBSOLETE Logo.PNG
Conductor(s) Supuhstar
Launch date June 1st, 2009
End Date July 1st, 2009

The Ultimate Furry Survey was a mostly successful test survey conducted by Supuhstar from June 1st to July 1st of 2009. It was made as a test survey to see what the average fur is like. After 175 people filled it out, Supuhstar closed it and opened a new survey, the Ultimate Furry Survey 2, with the each complaint and suggestion taken into account.


The comprehensive list of results, extrapolated from the data obtained, is as follows:

The average fur...

  • considers himself part of the fandom, wants to be an anthro, is sexually attracted to anthropomorphic beings, and enjoys drawing anthropomorphic beings. Many, but not most, believe they have a spiritual connection to a particular animal.
  • is between 11 and 20 years of age.
  • lives in the US.
  • is single (50-50 chance he's looking for one).
  • (If he has one) has partner that's a furry, and he likes it.
  • is male.
  • prefers his biological gender.
  • has a fursona whose gender is the same as his and prefers it that way.
  • is heterosexual. Many others, but not most, are homosexual.
  • has a fursona with the same sexual preference as his, else it is Bisexual.
  • has looked at yiff artwork first for the eroticism, and second for the art. He has read it for the same reasons, but to a lesser extent.
  • believes sex to be of average importance to the fandom.
  • holds sex to an unimportant to average level, personally.
  • believes sex to be of average importance to other furries.
  • believes the general public percieves sex to be extremely important to furries.
  • has never attended a furmeet.
  • is not planning on attending a furmeet.
  • is a member of both deviantART and Fur Affinity.
  • joins an online furry chatroom daily, if ever.
  • has never participated in LARP or online roleplaying.
  • has never attended a furry convention (if so, it's only once a year).
  • visits innocent furry websites daily or many times each week.
  • visits errotic furry sites daily or many times each week.
  • participates in online furry communities daily or many times each week.
  • has never written innocent or errotic furry literature.
  • draws innocent furry artwork many times a week, if ever.
  • has never drawn errotic furry artwork.
  • plays online games daily or multiple times per week, if ever.
  • never LARPs.
  • never role plays online.
  • never attends non-furry conventions.
  • never participates in non-furry online communities.
  • never attended any furry conventions.
  • has considered himself a furry for 3-5 years.
  • has known about the fandom fo 3-5 years.
  • extremely strongly considers himself a part of the furry fandom.
  • is a sci-fi fan, is active in online communities, is a fan of RPGs, is a carnivore, and is a fan of anime.
  • loves furry artwork.
  • loves furry conventions.
  • loves furry online communities.
  • loves furry literature.
  • thinks fursuiting is meh.
  • thinks plushophelia is revolting.
  • really thinks zoophelia is revolting.
  • thinks artwork is extremely important to the fandom.
  • thinks literature is extremely important to the fandom.
  • thinks online communities are extremely important to the fandom.
  • either thinks MUDs and RPGs are of utmost importance to the fandom or of medium importance.
  • thinks conventions are extremely important to the fandom.
  • thinks fursuiting is of medium importance to the fandom.
  • identifies with either a Wolf or Red Fox
  • has probaby chosen their fursona because they feel they share the traits of that animal.
  • considers himself to be completely human, while admiring some aspects of animals.
  • believes the public's perception of furries to be inaccurate.
  • does not inform people of their furriness (but if he does, the informed have mixed reactions).
  • thinks non-furries respond negatively to furriness.
  • has not met any furries in person, but if he has, it's no more than 5.
  • knows of 3-5 other furs who is are friends or acquaintances, if any.
  • informs furry friends, best non-furry friends, non-furry friends, best furry friends, and his significant other of his furriness.

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