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UchihaFox (born George Warren Anthony Locke Junior on September 25, 1989) is a fursuit maker from Newark, Ohio, U.S.A. His fursona is a grey fox.

Uchi is an amateur game designer who is going to college at Shawnee State for Video Game and Simulation Programming.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Uchi Fox joined the furry fandom in 2006. He has attended Morphicon, joined a few mailing lists, and is on Second Life.

Uchi is a social furry who loves to go out with friends, go to raves, and party in general. He is also a very public fur who has become known in his local area for always wearing his collar and, sometimes, his tail, even to school.


Uchi Fox loves video games especially the Super Smash Brothers series. He is a professional Melee player who travels for tournaments.

Uchi also loves martial arts and almost has three black belts.

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