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Ubuntu Furry Remix
Ubuntu Furry Remix logo.svg
Ubuntu Furry Remix desktop EN.png
Desktop in v9.10
Company / developerCommunity-developed
OS familyGNU/Linux
Working stateStable
Source modelFree and open source software
Latest stable release10.04 LTS
Marketing targetFurry fandom
Available language(s)Multilingual (more than 55)
Kernel typeMonolithic (Linux)
Default user interfaceGNOME
LicenseVarious free licenses, mostly CC-BY-SA and GNU GPL

Ubuntu Furry Remix (abbreviated ufurmix) is a discontinued operating system created for furries by furries. It includes furry theming and software selection focused on creativity. It's a 'remix' of Ubuntu, the most popular Linux distribution.


9.10 "Karmic"[edit]

The first Furry Remix was released on March 31, 2010. This release was focused on ease of use apart from artwork and themes, which consisted of 2 wallpapers, complete custom system theme, sound theme, boot screen etc.

This release inspired several ports, but only partial Nokia S40 artwork port succeeded.

Andrew_Fox came up with the initial idea. Shnatsel was the lead developer and designer. Kosh drawn the default wallpaper, and Skybowl composed system sounds. ToonLynx provided web hosting. Among other contributors are Xorrito, crazdfoxx, WhiteFox, Admc and Kotenok gaff.

Ufurmix usplash 1024.png Ubuntu Furry Remix XSplash.png Ubuntu Furry Remix desktop EN.png Ubuntu Furry Remix desktop effects 2 EN.png Ubuntu Furry Remix desktop effects 4 EN.png
more screenshots

10.04 "Lucid"[edit]

10.04 is the first Furry Remix release with long-term support. It was released on February 4, 2011[1]. This release was focused on artwork-related software improvements. It's the only Ubuntu derivative to ship GIMP Paint Studio brush set[2] and "Painter" patch to GIMP which adds mixbrush tool and many other improvements. It also ships an extended set of tablet drivers, including those for the latest Wacom Bamboo along with Genius, Trust and many others.[3] The software selection is also extended; all painterly applications are updated to their latest stable versions. This release also introduces Cricetida, an experimental batch gallery downloader, as an optional component.

Default artwork also saw some improvements. The most notable ones are five new wallpapers, a new boot screen on a new engine, and a new icon set with an optional "extra-furry" mod.

Future releases[edit]

As of March 2011, there are ongoing negotiations about merging the project with Furbuntu/CreatureS. Both parties expressed interest in the merge, however, CreatureS team demanded certain conditions to be met before the merge happens[4]. A common name for the merged team was chosen[5], and negotiations have stalled after that.[6]


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