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Author(s) Skidd, Phuufy
Update schedule Weekly to Biweekly
Launch date February 15, 2014
End Date ongoing
Genre fantasy,science fiction, adventure, drama
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UberQuest is a webcomic by Skidd and Phuufy.[1] The webcomic currently updates on an irregular basis, from as often as weekly to as long as monthly.

Previously hosted by The Katbox, it is now part of the Studio Khimera webcomic community.[2]


UberQuest is a scifi/fantasy/drama webcomic set in a fantasy realm named Evyr . Three races inhabit the four kingdoms of Evyr: the Fera (mammals), the Dahaki (dragons), and the Avion (avians). [3] All are anthropomorphic animals with a variety of fantastical abilities.

The world of Evyr has many magitech contraptions used in a variety of ways, from the mundane to military-grade weaponry. The story follows a group of unlikely companions as they embark on a quest that slowly unveils an ancient mystery with power-sources known commonly as 'Ubers', along the way various factions rise to power as the world becomes more turbulent with the brink of war and political espionage afoot, all fighting for power.


The story of UberQuest follows Sesame, her life is turned upside down after her village is attacked by a group of raiders, her father is slaughtered in the mayhem. Homeless and alone, she embarks on a quest to find her sister Soya who will hopefully aid in finding out more information and enacting vengeance on behalf of her home. Along the way, she runs into a mage-in-training named Kibbles (Kibella), who was tasked by her teacher Winsley to seek out Sesame and follow her. Later, during a fight, they run into a mysterious futuristic teleporter holding Claire, an eccentric engineer, and her robot companion Proto, eager to return home.

The three also run into Farron a shady merchant rat out to get rich and Mason a weary blacksmith venturing out on his own for the first time. Meanwhile, in the capital of the Kingdom of Alder Kylar, a skilled archer and high-ranking knight, finds himself tasked with a covert mission to find a noble from Prince Drayven, who is next in line to the throne. Prince Drayven is approached by the ex-royal-mage and now Necromancer, Valmont, to make a secret allegiance to gain political power, using their undead army.

Various factions seem interested in ancient-artifacts known more commonly as Ubers. Including an uprising rebellion known as the Severance, various Kingdoms, and a mysterious group known as Zysa. Along the way, the group finds themselves entangled in a world increasingly in turmoil, with a war on the horizon, factions gaining power with an arms-race for the power source of the Ubers all while the past of Evyr is slowly unveiled.


Cast in Order of Appearance from Right to Left, Top to Bottom: Sesame, Kibbles, Claire, Farron, Mason, Kylar, Drayven, Valmont, Dante, Winsley, Sam, Joel, Alphonse, Eiran, Zeldane, The Omni, Proto, Scrab, Soya, Gordon, Thana, Raziel.

  • Sesame - A short yet, feisty warrior cat. She hails from a remote village on an island away from the mainland. She is on a quest to find out the truth about what happened to her home and is seeking the truth behind the terroristic attack. Stubborn, courageous, dutiful, and virtuous - she tries her best to pull off the noble-hero role. She has a fiery temper that often lands her in more trouble than good, she possesses great strength but has no idea how to harness it. Sesame often has a stoic no-nonsense attitude towards most things.

  • Kibbles - A sweet-natured Mage-in-Training. She hasn't much experience with magic or fighting and is very naive, she is the youngest of the cast. Despite her lack of knowledge in worldly things, she is the most level-headed of the main-cast, often acting as peace-keeper. She is slow to temper, optimistic, and friendly, but also is careless, spoiled, and irresponsible at times. She idolizes Sesame and is the apprentice of the Grand-Mage Winsley.

  • Claire - An brilliant, eccentric fox-girl from the future. She is both a scientist and an engineer, she was able to create a sentient life-form Robot-companion known as Proto. Of whom she has a mother-child relationship. She also managed to make a functional Teleporter Device that acts as a time-machine that transports her to the past in a realm known as Evyr. Claire is free-spirited, excitable, and is the most light-hearted. She is often the first to start joking around although she does have a tendency to stick her foot in her mouth. Despite being a fish-out-of-water in a strange new world and having no formal training or class, she does her best to fit in.

  • Farron - A shady merchant. He carries a large pack on his back in which he calls 'Farron’s Extraordinary Traveling Shop', filled with items of both rare and of questionable value, most of which were stolen. He is the oldest of the main cast and has spent much of his adult life as a vagabond. Having a rough childhood has to lead him to be apathetic to most everything – he is lazy, sarcastic, and aloof. He'd rather run from a fight than engage – despite having a history of being rather skilled in combat. He is also rather cynical and distrustful towards most people, he tends to be a loner.

  • Kylar -Kylar is Lieutenant Commander in King Alder's Army and a 'Knight of Olde', sworn to uphold ideals he values most - honor, duty, and a moral obligation to protect those under his charge. He is poised, proper, and strives for perfection, being so driven despite the odds of his circumstances of birth and his family's wishes for him to be a medic. Though winning favor as a war-hero and netting a 'Mini Celebrity' status, Kylar lives a double life with a more domestic life with his boyfriend Joel. As homosexuality is highly taboo punishable by death in his country of origin, Alder - he keeps up the facade of his arranged marriage. Juggling an assortment of contradictions in his fragile house of cards. His ego and no-nonsense attitude make him a bit of a kill-joy and have high standards for those around him.

  • Mason - A true 'Gentle Giant', Mason has a very large stature but a very kind heart. He is often shy and quiet, finding solace in his work as an apprentice blacksmith. Mason is venturing out on his own for the first time and is quite naive, he struggles to find who he is as a person. Pacifistic, subservient, and down to earth. Mason would rather spend his days doing art and quietly working then fight.

  • Proto - Claire's robot companion. He looks up to her as a mother but addresses her by 'Sir'.A young and naive robot – who was built by Claire as one of her first experiments, hence the name. Proto is eager to learn about everything but is childish and inexperienced, he can be rather rebellious to anyone who isn't Claire. He takes a few traits from Claire, like believing in the impossible and her sense of humor.

  • Dante - A rogue (mink) and rival for Sesame, she seems cocky and full of herself - she seems anarchist in behavior and acts as a spy, as she is usually one of the first to know about various events around Evyr. She tends to be very opportunistic and preys on Sesame and the group’s inexperience. She is Farron's younger half-sister, she speaks with a Cajun-French accent. She works for the Thieves Guild and takes care of younger members back in the Kingdom of Hazarath, where she and Farron hail from.

  • Valmont - A necromancer and ex-royal mage for the Kingdom of Alder. Fired for "nefarious and questionable use of magic", Valmont is rather androgynous, theatrical, and a bit manic in nature. His desire is to acquire all the ubers to make a new world, exemplary to his ideals. Despite acting a bit eccentric at times, hides an intellectual with diplomatic skills - trying to appease Prince Drayven and King Alder in their court with no avail. When backed into a corner Valmont shows quite a fiery temper and isn't afraid to get violent when provoked. Despite his frail unassuming appearance, Valmont is a very adept and powerful mage, capable of managing many spells at once which is only amplified with his use of an uber. How Valmont obtained said uber is still undetermined. He is attempting to forge a partnership with Prince Drayven, though isn't afraid to use blackmail and manipulation as a means to get what he desires. Inserting himself and meddling with Drayven's affairs.

  • Drayven - Prince and first heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Alder, Drayven is steadfast in making himself as distant from his father's dated and somewhat draconian rule. He is calm, calculated, well-spoken and well-read. He has an air about him that exudes confidence and a sense of cordiality that he hopes will win over the wavering allegiance of his people. He has an incredibly rocky relationship with his father King Alphonse, who is paranoid and uncertain of his son's intentions. Drayven employed Kylar on a covert mission with promises of promotion for a seat in his court. Drayven is being pursued by many house nobles along with Valmont to use his influence to manipulate the geopolitical state of the world. As such, Drayven has to be just as crafty, though this is made easier as his one advantage of being quite intelligent in comparison to those trying to use and abuse him.

  • Joel - Kylar's steady boyfriend and dirtiest secret. Joel is a laid-back, thoughtful, playful young man who earns his living as a scribe. He met Kylar in university as a sort of study partner/tutor, as he always earned better grades than Kylar. The two have disagreements on expressing their sexuality, Joel being far more comfortable with who he is than Kylar.

  • Sam - Sam, often known by his last name Jeston is a somewhat new military recruit. Despite this, he has gained the acknowledgment of other military officers as being a fierce and loyal fighter - which made him eligible to be apart of Kylar's elite task force given a covert mission by Prince Drayven. Sam laments to Kylar about being somewhat jealous of his normal if not slightly privileged upbringing, citing his own childhood being quite rough. He had a choice between facing jail time or joining the military only to join them later. Sam seems eager to hang onto the coat-tails of others and takes transgressions close to heart, sometimes too eagerly clinging himself to others.

  • Scrab - Part-time back-pack and full-time pain in the back, Scrab is Farron's "pet" void mimic. A large shadowy beast with a double row of teeth and quite the appetite. Scrab is only "slightly" tamed but seems to enjoy Farron's company, he acts as an inventory holder and weapon at times. Sometimes acts like a giant puppy.

  • Gordon - Gordon O'Conell is Claire's father and pioneered a new method of time/space travel. He was a brilliant enthusiastic man, but after a series of failures including a bankruptcy to his company and a nasty divorce, he became increasingly disillusioned. He cared very deeply for Claire and the two were close, having the same passion for science and engineering.


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