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UK Fur CON was a British furry meetup. According to Fred Patten,[citation needed] it was first held on 9-11 July 1994 in London with 15 people in attendance, including one from Germany and another from the United States. The meet was organized through FurryMUCK by Adam Moss as an informal house party at his home in Colchester, Essex.

However, Furry Housecon, which was being held on the same weekend (8-10 July) in Yateley, Surrey, provided for some degree of words-trading between the organizers of both meetups, although the two soon reconcile differences away from what is perceived as a misunderstanding between the Internet-based and non-Internet based portions of the fandom.

UK Fur CON 2 was held 26-30 May, organized by Ian Stradling at his home in Bristol.[1] Around twenty showed up to his house party, including a fan from Germany. Videos shown included the British premiere of Eric Schwartz's furry animation.

UK Fur CON 3 was held 14-16 June 1996, organized by Foxy_(UK) as a party at his student house in Coventry. With twenty attendees, the main events were games of laserquest and soccer.

UK Fur CON 4 was held 21-23 March 1997, organized by Foxy_(UK) and Prask at their student house once again in Coventry.[2]

According to Ian Stradling, UK Fur CON was planned to be part of a furry track at Shin-and-Kai Manga/Anime Convention in 1999, however when the convention was cancelled, UK Fur CON was cancelled along with it and no further events were proposed.[3]


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