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The title of this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is #uk.

#uk is an IRC channel for furries who either live in or are interested in the United Kingdom. The channel is generally a non-roleplay channel for furs in the area to get to know each other. The channel exists on both FurNet and AnthroChat. The FurNet channel often has a high attendance (in excess of 50 at any time) and is regularily one of the 10 most popular channels on the network.

History (FurNet)[edit]

#uk was created by Locandez in an attempt to bring together British furs on Yiffnet. He searched #furry for furs with a British hostmask and invited the only two he found at the time - Tevildo and Cabbit.

The channel was registered by SlyCat in 1999 after it was deemed officially popular enough to warrant permanent residence of the FurServ bot.

After some historical dispute, some furs split from #UK to form #northUKfurs, primarily for the furs who live in the northern areas of the country. In early 2008 that splinter group moved to #northernfurs.

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