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The Unicorn and Gryphon, also known as the U&G, or The Unicorn & Gryphon Pub, is a Yahoo! mailing list moderated by Heavy Horse. It was originally designed to act as a sister group to God's Creatures when it moved from Yahoo! Groups to a new server.

Designed as a fellowship for Christian Furs, members are open to discuss Christianity, furry fandom, and role-playing is encouraged emphasizing humor and general silliness.

Posters to the U&G are discouraged from posting anything that is considered hateful or may result in flame wars. The Pub is considerate to newcomers and lurker friendly. Due to theological differences within Christianity, indepth theological discussions are discouraged and the main Statement of Faith is the Apostles' Creed, a simple, universal statement of faith accepted by almost all international Christian groups.

The U&G currently holds an annual gathering at Anthrocon, usually on a Friday night, to fellowship with members of the U&G as well as others interested in the group.

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