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Innuk (born February 10, 1970),[1] is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.[1] His fursona is a "wolfsky shepherd" (wolf-husky-German shepherd hybrid).[1] Innuk used to build fursuits under the label Two Wet Noses. Two Wet Noses closed permanently in 2016.


Innuk owns four personal fursuits, each of which he constructed himself:

  • Innuk[2] and Innuk 2,[3] the fursuits depicting his fursona. Innuk was retired, shortly after RainFurrest 2011, after materials showed signs of fatigue and materials degrading from wear and tear. Innuk 2 made it's first debut walkaround at Calgary Expo, April 29, 2012.
  • Onyx, a skunk.[4] Onyx was designed and built by Innuk, and was a gift for his son.
  • Tzymon, a chameleon.[5] Tzymon was built as a first commission, and is owned by, and in the possession, of Sunder~Lane.

Other activities[edit]

Innuk can be found on Second Life as Innuk Radium.


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