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Tyr Perhaps (in full Tyr Perhaps Wulfhard the Kangaroo) is an artist and a writer who lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S.A. where he is an administrator for local furmeets. Tyr spends most of his free time coming up with furmeets and coordinating them for the local furries in his area, even spends his own hard-earned money to ensure the meets happen.

Originally from the small town of Ennis,Montana, Tyr has traveled across the U.S. by car, by foot, by plane, by whatever means to meet and greet as many furries as he possibly can. He's established a positive friendship with many along his way. Tyr always encourages other furries to meet and greet others in their areas, he'll even give them a foot up and the means to bring everyone together.

Tyr can be found on furaffinity. He has attended several furry conventions, including Rocket City FurMeet, Midwest FurFest, AnthroCon, and Furry Weekend Atlanta, and several other no longer existant furry conventions.


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