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Twisted Kingdoms is a roleplaying MUCK (running on a Fuzzball server) which was developed in July, 2003 by a former code-wizard for FurrySpace, Nilesta, using the character name of Nemesis, with much creative input by Sedna and Grimnir. Since 2005, the muck has been run by Turael, Iluna, and Kaije. It is an extremely open system allowing for multiple genres and character types.

Characters and stats[edit]

There are no set races. The muck has been home to hive mind moth swarms, combat cyborgs, werewolves, aliens, dragons, demons, angels, elves, humans, anime catgirls. No applications are required for characters.

The MUCK uses a simple stat system to handle conflict, though there is a lot of emphasis on cooperative story-telling, and the stats are only used when players cannot agree.


The wizards on the MUCK are each characters in their own right, playing gods in the mythos of the MUCK. As of August 2007, there are two active gods, Iluna and Turael, the rest of the pantheon having quietly vanished to where the words and prayers of mortals can no longer reach.

Turael plays the god of dreams and nightmares, and often punishes players by giving them exactly what they wish for.

Iluna is the goddess of temptation and dark desires. She makes people confront their darkest secrets and greatest fears.


Former staff[edit]


Twisted Kingdoms
The Mist surrounds us. It pervades us, flows through us, and gives us life. It would surely be our God, if it hadn't provided us with Gods of our own. And even the Gods fear the will of the Mist.

Are we real? The Nostrites say that we dreamed the Mist, and that—so given form—the Mist in turn dreamed us. They say that—someday—the Mist will wake up, and then it will devour us all, man, God, and beast. Some say that it has already begun.

Of this alone can we be sure, that we are geist given flesh and purpose. We live, and die, on the tides of the Mist. It is our life, our home, and our fall.

Twisted Kingdoms
-- Sedna, 2006