Twilight MUCK

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Twilight MUCK
On the edge of darkness lies... Twilight
Subject World of Darkness role-play
Server, port 6010
Operator(s) Janus
Status Alive
Ran from/to June 10th, 1996 - Present

Twilight MUCK ("a MUCK based on that which is hidden from mortal eyes"), is a role-playing MUCK set in a (post)modern city. Most characters are human, or at least appear to be.

The game opened on June 10th, 1996. In February, 2007, the website was taken offline.[1] The game is still online and open to connections, though there have been no active players since at least Spring of 2008.[2]


  • Janus - Head Wizard/Appeals/Immortals/Kindred
  • Lelou - Theme|Policy|Building|Newbies|MPI|Shadowrun|Fae
  • Judge - Adjudication, Policy Enforcement
  • Tigerwolf - Site Wiz


  • Andy - Newbies, RP, Building, and most WhiteWolf.
  • Kestrel - Everything but WW.  :] Especially technical stuff.
  • Paris - Newbies, rp, ic/ooc mediation, and general info.


  • Alissia - Female Immortal
  • Clyde - Male Human
  • Jack - Male Vampire
  • Leonie - Female Human
  • Louise - Female Human
  • Zedar - Male Werewolf
  • Izzy - Male Demi-Wolf "Itzia where'd you go?"


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