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Twilight was a 3-issue mini-series published from 1990 to 1991 by DC Comics. Howard Chaykin wrote it, José Luis Garcia Lopéz did the art, and Steve Oliff was the colorist.

The series is of interest to furries because there are animals with various levels of human traits. Animals have possibly been bio-engineered.[1][2] The anthros are referred to as "fauna" and "animals"[3] so potentially all of the animals of the Earth are anthropomorphic.


  • Bruno, humanoid ape who spoke English, wore clothes and smoked.
  • F'Tatatita, 4-legged cat who speaks English.
  • Unnamed anthro soldiers (including a cheetah humanoid in an exosuit)
  • Unnamed anthro waiters (including a ram in exosuit and a brown dog)


  1. "Every eugenics engineer says we can synthesize nearly anything ... let the bio-genetechnics whip us up some more domesticated--" said by Valentine in Twilight #1, page 7, panel 2
  2. "Man isn't really all that removed from these animals so recently vanquished ... with all this gene-splicing and inter-species miscegenation", said by Tommy Tomorrow in Twilight #1, page 16 and 17
  3. "No wonder you couldn't find an animal in a thousand miles who'd trust (humans)" thought by someone (possibly John Starker) in Twilight #1, page 10, panel 3

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