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Twig Mouse as Frenzy the ferret, at Conifur 2004.

Twig Mouse of Big Mouse Productions spent a short time taking fursuit commissions. The creator of the flying squirrel fursuit "Chitter", which won Journeyman Class and the Peer award at Further Confusion 2003's masquerade, he also made Sage's deer suit, Nashiri's mountain goat suit, and Orzel's Scrub Jay suit named Brillo. A raccoon head was also made and sold at Further Confusion 2004. His own fursuits include Twig (deer mouse), Chitter (Flying Squirrel), Mir (Meerkat), Frenzy (Ferret), and Beebee (Rabbit). Beebee won in the Journeyman Class at the Further Confusion 2008 masquerade.

Twig strives for correct proportion in the head design of his fursuits. In order to have realistic eye placement, he utilizes a system of mirrors for vision through the eyes, while allowing them to be placed further apart. Both Chitter and Sage's deer suit use this method.

The deer mouse is more of a totem animal to Twig than a character.

Previously located in the Pacific Northwest United States, Twig relocated to New South Wales Australia in January 2010.

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