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Author(s) SlvWolf
Status Down (upgrade failure)
Launch date 2004?
End date Late 2017/early 2018
Article count 143+ (as of Dec. 2016)
Genre Encyclopedia

TurriWiki is a Finnish language wiki for Finnish furries, run and hosted by SlvWolf. TurriWiki had 144 non-stub pages, 47 uploaded files, and 94 registered users, as of August 2008.[1]

TurriWiki and WikiFur were linked using interlanguage links, specifically [[:fi:Article name|link text]] or [[TurriWiki:Article]] or [[fi:Article]]. The linking was implemented in June 2006.

The site became inaccessible after July 2017 and before February 2018 with an error suggesting an upgrade failure, likely due to incompatibility with PHP 7.x. The domain was redirected to FinFur Animus' website.


  1. Toiminnot:Tilastot. Retrieved August 7, 2008.

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