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Tuqiri drawn by Thanshuhai.
Tuqiri Fursuit.

Tuqiri Breen (also known as Nathan Morgan;[1] born 14 January 1994[2]) is a British furry fan, fursuiter and web programmer who lives in Telford, Shropshire, UK.[1] He has been mated to Dragoshi since March 30, 2012.[3]

He is active on steam under the name Tuqiri.[4]


Tuqiri's fursona is a Crux. His fur patterns run all over his body in random shapes and sizes which are a dark blue in color. He has retractable claws that can be hidden.


Two fursuits have been made of Tuqiri. His current fursuit was commissioned from Fursuit Creations, and was debuted at the Brumfurs Furmeet.[2]

Convention attendance[edit]

Tuqiri has attended:[3]


Tuqiri.net was founded 10th February 2010 by Tuqiri and Nican since then the site has turned from a testing ground for making website styles, into a portfolio of created work by Tuqiri.


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