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Tumma Karu, also known as DJ Wulf (born August 12, 1992),[1] is a furry musician and fursuiter. Originally from Espoo, Finland, he lives in Stony Brook, New York, U.S.A.[2] His species is a mix of wolf and hyena.

Tumma has been a fur since the age of fourteen, and attends meets in New York, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. His fursuit was built by Artslave, and debuted at Anthrocon 2011.[3]

Music Career[edit]

Tumma.K (formerly known as DJ Wulf) is a producer of Hardstyle and Hardtrance music in the furry/raver community. He has been DJing electronic dance music since age 15 and has been producing it since age 17. In 2010, he was discovered by SkunkTiger Records witch lead to the release of the "Blacklight Life EP". The album sold out in 1 day at Anthrocon 2010. The album "It's a Secret" was immediately in production and released under Skunktiger Records the following Anthrocon. In 2013 he was discovered by Alpha Detox and was recruited for The Hardland Collective as well as being an artist with Hardland Records. He does occasional mixes for Hardland's radio show and holds the performances for the 1st and 10th episode anniversary. As a stage man, he has performed all across the U.S. solo and with others such as DJ Anarchol, Genki, Krowboi, Veyote, Gh057, Brand Z, and Slap Happy.


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