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Tserisa (also known as Tser) is a Velvetwyrm, a black Dragon with scales and wings which feel like velvet to the touch. She is a nonmorphic quadruped (western, also known as heraldic, in type) with anisodactyl talons and large velvet-leathered wings. She has extremely long ears.

Tserisa is the founder of the Gryphon's Guild and maintains the webpage gryphguild.org.

She has been a member of the Draconic and Furry communities since the early nineties, when she could be found posting to alt.fan.dragons.

She can occasionally be found on The Gryphon's Guild, Alfandria, FurryMUCK, Tapestries, and several LiveJournal communities, such as furoticxchange, gryphon_xchange, dragon_exchange, sapphic_kin and others. She attends Conifur Northwest every year and occasionally hangs around PDXFurs, the local furry group.

Tserisa is polyamorous and is in a committed, closed triad marriage (equal three-person relationship) with a fox, Zlatohrbitek, and a dragon, Honah Lee. Tser is a dressage and therapeutic horseback riding instructor. She lives in the Portland Metro Area of Oregon.

She draws, mostly furry art and mythological creatures such as dragons and gryphons. She also likes to write. She is a co-author of the webcomic The Intolerators.

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