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Trystan Seven[edit]

Trystan De Arth-Pendley (born August 16, 1991), otherwise known as Trystan Seven, is an EDM producer, graphic artist, and avid gamer from Kentucky. Starting as young as 5, he began participating at choir and music theory classes, as well as piano and violin. At the age of 12, he preformed along with a choir at The John F. Kennedy Center of Performing Arts. At 16 he began producing various styles of EDM and publishing them on several furry websites up until 18 when he deactivated all of his furry accounts and began posting them solely on, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Now, he is quickly making his way into the EDM scene, recently getting support from the likes of UKF, Caspa, and many others.


(2006 - 2009)[edit]

Trystan Seven's first EP was titled "Genuine Conspiracy", which was released on July 19, 2009, and featured 11 tracks and one free bonus track. However, as of now everything released prior to 2012 is available on his dropbox. The original EP contained a mix of dubstep and experimental tracks.

During 2009 many free EPs were released such as May Explode Or Leak (2009), Randomocity (2009), Released and Captured (2009), as well as several smaller releases in 2010, such as 4234046217, Loðinn Klám, and You Won't Forget This Title.

At the beginning of 2010, Trystan Seven released an EP with his friend, Rhinoceros, titled Irradiated, and tracks such as Patience and Ivan Ooze got quite a bit of attention and radio plays on sites such as Filth.FM.

Later in 2010, Trystan Seven released another EP with Rhinoceros, called Breathe This, going back to his more heavy dubstep and experimental roots.


During 2011, Trystan Seven started aiming more melodic and relaxing tunes. Releasing EPs such as Unforgotten in February, and Everyday in September, he quickly began to gain a fan base for his more melodic sounds.

In June of 2011, LessThan3Dubstep was started, a promotional channel on YouTube. Promoting artists such as Dr. Deimos, Dead Pixel, Klippa (LapFox Trax), and other furry artists as well, and gaining recognition as a quality EDM promotional channel on YouTube, getting support form big artists in the dubstep scene, and rather quickly gaining nearly 6,000 subscribers before it was shut down due to false copyright claims and being too time consuming for a full time student.

In November of 2011, Trystan Seven did a collaboration with Dcigs, remixing one of Dcigs videos into a song, "Walk Wit Mah Tits" and selling it on iTunes in December. This song has gained over 2,000,000 total views on YouTube, and was featured on Tosh.0's website.


In 2012, Trystan Seven started a new alias known as "Dalma7ian", this being his alter ego. Dalma7ian features more darker, bassier tracks, usually describing a story, and often times dealing with canines, such as his track "Christmas At The Dog Pound" and "Milkbones". This alias was soon abandoned.

2012 also brought the release of a few new tracks, including Patience VIP which was a VIP of a track of his that got him his first radio play.


In early 2013, Trystan Seven teamed up with Digital Sunset Audio to release a song titled "Enlightenment" which was featured on You can read the full article on

Soon after the release of Enlightenment, he remixed a track by P0gman titled They Know for a remix competition which he tied for first place.


After a year hiatus, Trystan Seven came back with a remix of Moth - 666 and Caspa - Mad Man ft. Riko. His remix of 666 was given away for free, however, his remix of Mad Man won first place among 10 other finalists. You can read the article on More information on the release will come soon.

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