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Trump is a Japanese kemono artist, illustrator and mangaka. He has drawn several covers and comic pages for many of Radio Comix' titles, including his own one-shot called Luck of the Draw.

He is the creator of the manga Charm The Cat, printed in Penguin Club Sanzokuban, collected by Fujimi Comics in 1991 and later Akane Comics in 1998. His most popular furry hentai manga is probably Furry boys, pt. 1 (published in Kemono Shounen, Issue of Nov. 3. 1998), of which any second part obviously is still to surface, even though so far he did similarly themed and equipped stories in Sep. 23 1999 and May 05 2001 issues of Kemono Shounen, as well as in The Heavenly Boys (May 05 2002), Tanoshii kemono no jikan (Mar. 05 2004), Love Me More (May 04 2005), Boku no ana (May 05 2006), Boku to asobo (May 05 2007), and Shishimaru yuuya (Jun. 29 2008).

He also contributes to many doujinshi as well as Book of the Beast, which has been sold annually often with an appearance by TRUMP himself at Further Confusion.

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