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Tropicon was an annual convention which took place in Berlin, Germany. It was organised by Konu Eikuku Hentaru and LeTigre, and catered primarily to the German furry community. Tropicon occurred four times since its inception in 2006; however, in 2010, the event was prematurely cancelled due to changes in land use of the preserve in which the event operated. As confirmed by Konu in a private message on June 30, 2011, the location has been converted to a nature reserve, and the official replacement event is the new convention, EAST.


Tropicon took place on an island in the middle of an arbor settlement on Entenwall Island in Köpenick, Berlin. The site was comprised of a main building and two smaller outbuildings. A grassed area offered guests the opportunity to camp. Furthermore, there was a large communal tent, a small pavilion tent avilable as the Fursuit lounge, and a small dock that links the island to the opposite shore by two boats: the Pequid (a small rowing boat with a 2.5-hp two-stroke engine) and the SF Jones (a dinghy).


Since 2008, Tropicon ran the "Tropical Fursuit Games". Previous disciplines included throwing cups, archery, and table tennis. The planned hoopla event in 2008 did not occur due to onset of rain, and in 2009, the entire Tropical Fursuit Games were cancelled after the sudden onset of storms. Instead, a party was held in the communal tent.

Previous Tropicons[edit]

  • Tropicon 2006: July 14-16: 16 guests
  • Tropicon 2007: July 27-29: 18 guests
  • Tropicon 2008: July 18-20: 18 guests
  • Tropicon 2009: July 3-5: 25 guests
  • Tropicon 2010: July 15-18: Cancelled, permanently

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