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Tristan Thilorn (also known as C1PH3R on Furtopia) is a three-tailed black-and-green kitsune newhall located in the United States of America. Shi was born on May the Fifth, Nineteen-Ninety Two. Shi can speak at a very basic level of Japanese and Russian, and is fluent in English.

Although shi was born as a male, hir gender identity is that of a newhall (like hir fursona). Shi also identifies as an Otherkin, feeling a spiritual connection to the red fox and little to no such connection to the human species.

Some of hir favorite past times include playing In The Groove 2, Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, zDoom, Time Crisis, Sauerbraten, AssaultCube, and various other rhythm and FPS games; watching horror movies, glow poi, solitary walks, baking/cooking, and listening to music.

Hir favorite musical genres are death metal, black metal, goregrind, industrial, and EBM. Some of hir favorite bands and artists include Nine Inch Nails, KoЯn, Dream Theater, Suicide Commando, and Becoming Divine.

In June of 2008, shi was given the position of Watcher on the Furtopia forums; shi resigned from this position on February 15th, 2009, when shi realized that shi didn't use the forums often enough anymore to be of much help.

The Furtaverse was a specialized online metaverse made specifically for furries. It is based on the Open Source Metaverse Project, and is run and hosted by Tristan Thilorn.

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