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Tristan Black Wolf (real name Tristan Alexander MacAvery; born August 16, 1958,[1][2] in Petersburg, Virginia, USA.)[3] is a furry writer and actor who lives in Syracuse, New York, U.S.A.[4] He is also known as WolfSinger[2] and TarotWolf, having read tarot cards since around 1980.[5]

Tristan is a Cheyenne Native American. His own clan nicknamed him Colored Wrong.[6]


Tristan began writing during his high school years.[3] His first publication was a short story, Waiting for Unicorns, in Phantasm magazine in autumn 1977. Tristan's first novel, Divine Intervention, was published in 2001, followed by further books, including Tea for Twenty: From the Files of the Tayan Research Network (July 2003), Lion Dance (September 2003), and Remnant Stew (February 2004).

Tristan's first published furry work was Impossible Things, a werewolf tale written for Misanthrope Press, and published as the lead story in their anthology Children of the Moon in September 2011.[5] He also had a short story, No More Monday Memos, published in Allasso volume 2, in April 2012.[7] This story won the Editor's Award for Best Use of Anthropomorphism.

Tristan's first furry novel was The Man With Two Shadows, published in March 2012.[5] His second, a sci-fi thriller called The Laputan Factor, was published in June 2015, with cover and interior illustrations by Dream and Nightmare. He has completed three other novels, a trilogy with the overall title of Grayson's Triad, written during the 2015, 2016, and 2017 National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge. The original drafts are available exclusively to his Patreon patrons until they are readied for general publication.

He is the creator and writer behind the web comic Natural Habitat, with art by Oray Studios. It was launched on March 17, 2018, and is updating regularly if slowly.

Much of his writing can be found on his account at SoFurry, where nine of his more than 200 posted stories have been Featured and where three others have won fiction contests run by the site (a fourth took third place in one of those contests, along with his first place winner, out of a field of over 150 entries).


Tristan has voiced English language dubs for anime,notably performing the voice of Ikari Gendoh in Neon Genesis Evangelion(1995), performed in a few student and "indie" films, done a variety of stage work, and performed and coached improvisation.[5] His book The Improvisation Playbook, published in 2006, was endorsed by actors such as Adam West, William Windom, Russell Johnson, René Auberjonois, and Dean Haglund. Tristan took a step away from Voice over anime to do a supporting role in his first debut feature film, Community Service The Movie, in 2012, as Officer Jim Springfield, one of two community service officers. [8]


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