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Trinton Chronicles Titles

Trinton Chronicles ( トレントンの年代記 ) is a series of web-novels compiled from the message-board-RPG of the same name over the last 10+ years. The main story is centered on a group of seemingly random people getting mixed up in some pretty weird situations, eventually they form a rag-tag group based loosely on friendship or morality and, in most cases they get along fairly well.


Trinton Chronicles started out as an online role playing game on EZboards in July, 1999. The game was a free-form RPG with a small set of rules (to maintain game-play) that would change forums three times before its first major hiatus, which also ended up continuing an earlier creation of the game owner Daniel Hopkins called The 10 Pack.

As the game progressed several others joined, each adding additional characters and plot lines to the story. The co-authors of the story included: Aliqua Jones, Jay Potter, Robin Hetzel, Claudia Kratochwill, Hannah Grey, Micheal Florian, Jason Anderson, Steven P., Debbie Gurbacki, and Nicole Gilbert. Several other people would join in and drop out of play throughout the series, which led to heavy editing of the stories, sometimes altering scenes so as to remove dropped characters or erasing important events where dropped characters had played far too much a part.

Because it was, at its heart, a game, sometimes the style of play often caused confusion and great conflict within the stories themselves. Critics and some fans note that the frequent scene changing in each story, including the most recent one, is often confusing and seems to have many plot holes; but otherwise it is praised for its uniqueness. In the start of the game, many people were unsure about playing anthropomorphic characters due to the controversy surrounding the furry genre created at conventions and on TV Shows like CSI and MTV's "Real World". However, those who did participate became fans of the genre and created a rich and deep set of characters who are mature, and have deeply complex story-lines behind them - thusly ignoring anything considered bluntly sexual or obtuse.

Trinton Chronicles produced 3 books (New Genesis, White Death, and Xanith's Reign)and two off-shoots (Forgotten World of Eternity and Sealed Fate) which were later published for public view[1]. Eventually in late 2005 to early 2006 which created two of the last stories for that story-line Cataclysm and Turmoil. The game had slowly wound down and appeared to die for a temporary amount of time, by December of 2006 the board lay silent. Then in February 2007 previous members of the game elected to start again with a continuity reboot which revised the setting for Trinton. This caused the opening of a new homepage and a brand new forum to play on[2], with the rules rewritten by the owner to allow for deeper storytelling.

During its long lived life, various side-projects were developed to branch the game out into other venues; not all were successful. These included a Magic the Gathering Fan-Card deck; a Final Fantasy style game using RPG Maker which was never finsihed; an online crossword puzzle set; a virtual jig-saw puzzle game using pictures provided by various artists from VCL, Deviant Art, and Yerf; a tabletop conversion of the game to both D20 Modern and Mutants & Masterminds game systems later on using the the old Marvel Four Color game system a new game is being worked on, it also spawned a Tv Tropes Page[3] and several message boards.

Original Trilogy - Genesis[edit]

The original stories, now know Collectively as Genesis ran from 1999 to 2003 and had a total of 20 members.

Inspiration for Original Trilogy[edit]

The stories presented in the Trinton Chronicles series are all originals but the plot lines, characters, and plot devices were all heavily influenced off of the varied interests of the authors. These interests include anime, manga, TV shows, classic movies, and novels. Some examples are;

  • Barbi & Darci (First appearance, New Genesis. First major role in plot, White Death.) were modeled after Team Rocket (Japanese version Pocket Monsters) but are named after Mattel’s Barbie and Darcy dolls because they are blond, over sexed and unintelligent.
  • The Tengu Bandits (New Genesis) were named Genrou, Kurawasi, and Toriyama. Toriyama after Akira Toriyama, known for Dragon Ball Z, Kurosawa after Akira Kurosawa, the famous Japanese director, and Genrou after Fushigi Yuugi's Suzaku Taski who's real name is Genrou and uses a pair of haisen, or metal fans.
  • Near the middle of New Genesis is the one involving the Solan clones in Tutus dancing the French Mistake. The French Mistake is a dance seen near the end of Blazing Saddles
  • The inspiration for Xanith's Reign came in part from Xena: Warrior Princess and in part from Charmed for figures of immense power who hide their powers in various objects to reclaim later on.
  • Frost's real name is Robert Frostovic, Robin's reference to a well known poet.
  • Trisha, the angel of war, was named after a dear friend of Triton Chronicle's creator who was not only a manager but reminded him of what an angel of war would be like.

Rebooted Series - Neo[edit]

The current series, known as Neo (for now) started in 2007 and ran until 2013

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