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Trigger Happy TV is a British hidden camera television show, produced by and starring Dom Joly. The series is known for its surreal sketches and Joly's characters. The show relates to the furry fandom in that many sketches include actors wearing fursuits.

Recurring sketches involving fursuits[edit]

  • Dogs that violently beat each other up the streets.
  • A gang of squirrels that randomly attack a pedestrian (who is usually played by Joly).
  • A pair of white rabbits that mount each other in public settings.
  • Joly, disguised in a trench coat, dark glasses and a hat, playing the role of a KGB spy. In some situations he approaches pedestrians on a park bench and attempts to hand them his briefcase, addressing them with code words such as "grey squirrel" and "red fox". While the shocked pedestrian tries to explain to Joly that they are not the right person, an actor wearing the appropriate animal costume is seen walking by in the background.
  • A rat which Joly (dressed as a chef) chases out of a restaurant kitchen.
  • Two people in a horse suit have done various pranks. The most extreme was when the horse suit walked down the sidewalk to the entrance to an alley, but still visible to the public. Out of the suit, a long fake-looking horse penis emerges (at least a foot long). Then out of the penis, yellow liquid (the horse suit does not look real so this liquid is likely not urine) comes out onto the sidewalk.

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