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Triad Draykin is a three-headed shapeshifting dragon, who resides in the Drachenswald Mountains, on the world of FurryMUCK. He is often at the West Corner of The Park, in his best friend's lair, Draco, or in the Owl Literary Hall, if it is between 9 PM and 1 AM, Tuesday-Wednesday.

His player loves to Role Play, especially with his three heads, Cree, Pri, and Sosh. He uses his shapeshifting ability often, usually with a good deal of creativity. One of his favorite tricks is to mimic a player's description and appearance, typically when greeting them.

Tangent Dragons is a club consisting of mostly dragons on FurryMUCK. The club was originally conceived by Gar and Triad, after Triad made a joke about a lengthy conversation that changed its topic several times over only an hour, ending up nothing like the original topic.

The club was expanded to include several of their friends, who also showed a tendency for rambling on. Despite the name, one does not have to be a dragon to obtain a button, as preferred as it is. All of the members of the Tangent Dragons to date can be seen hanging around the Western Ledge in the Drachenswald mountain range, and many can be seen hanging around the West Corner of the Park.It would be best to note that membership is by invitation only, and any request to be given membership will be immediately turned away, and ruin any chance of joining.

It is easy to recognize a member of the Tangent Dragons, as they usually will have a Button declaring as such, they can also be identified by the 'TD Pendants' they wear.

To date, the members include:

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