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Trey Haas, also known as Treyhaas87, Rainbowdah22, Swiftering Swellers, PussNBoots, Rarity The Pony, DoctorWhooves25, HarryPotter1114/HarryPotter2234, and TinTin22113/TinTin35443 (born May 16, 1987),[1] is a furry from Austin, Texas, USA.


Trey gained attention in furry circles by stealing artwork from furry artists, and re-posting these works on his own account(s), claiming them as his own, even proclaiming that the original artists were in fact thieving from him.[2] Artists Trey Hass stole from included MoodyFerret[3] and Ulario,[4] among others.

When asked to remove the copyrighted material from his account(s), Trey responded belligerently and harassed the artists involved, creating a Fur Affinity account for the sole purpose of trolling said artists.[5] This account was promptly suspended by FA mods.


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