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Trevalyn Shadowkatt by Acorndeer.
Trevalyn Shadowkatt by Pan Cooperfox.

Trevalyn Sleestak aka Trevalyn Shadowkatt or Trev (real name Blake Shaw) is a furry from Houston, Texas, United States. Trevalyn Shadowkatt is his username on Second Life, where he DJs for Rainbow Tiger Radio.

Another alias Trevalyn uses is DJ Shadowkatt, and that music can be found on MySpace, acidplanet, and downloadable on Limewire.

Trevalyn's fursona (born February 18th, 1983, under the zodiacal sign Aquarius) is a blue shadow-wolf/tiger-hybrid ninja.

Trevalyn helped with the setting up of, and advertising for, the first and only Texas Furry Con in Austin, Texas, in 2004, but due to complications with work was unable to attend himself.

He was the head of dance for Furry Fiesta 2009.

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