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TrekWars: The Furry Conflict, also known as TFC, is a furry based science fiction role-play community. The aim of the community is to develop a storyline that successfully crosses the Star Trek and Star Wars universes.


The TFC storyline is a cooperative round-robin, maintained and written by a core group of principle players. The result is then turned into prose chapters which are posted on the site for public access. Participation by role-play in the TFC expanded universe (EU) by others, is welcomed on the public forums. Other welcome forms of participation include posting character biographies, fan fiction, starship and technical designs and art.

While TFC is set in a universe which draws from two established science-fiction franchises, the administrators encourage the use of original characters. Character biographies submitted to the EU forums are subject to scrutiny by the core players, to maintain this originality and also maintain standards of acceptability.

Characters largely use the technology defined in the official canon of both franchises, but are furry instead of the usually depicted humans. Furry characters belonging to alien races are usually anthropomorphic Earth animals with alien characteristics - such as especially pointed ears and green blood for Vulcans, or head-tails in the case of Twi'leks. Seen less frequently, but still included, are anthro versions of alien creatures such as vornskr and le-matya.

All website content is required to be suitable for the 13-and-under crowd.


The TFC storyline completed 40 chapters in its first episode, "To Pierce the Sky" and 7 chapters in the second and final episode, "The Shadow's Fall".

On July 21, 2009, the remaining administrators of TFC made the decision to shut the site down after its 10-year-run. While a complete backup of the original contents still exists, it was decided to end the site and archive the contents offline.

The story followed the upheaval after a rift in space and time connects the two universes. Characters belonged to a number of different groups trying to make sense of or gain advantage from this strange occurrence. Primarily, characters belonged to the crew of the Federation Starship Felix, the Rebel Alliance, the old Jedi Order, the reformed Sith Order and the Galactic Empire.