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Transgender (or trans) people are those with a gender identity that does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. A persona's gender identity can be male or female, can be a nonbinary or third gender, or none of these. Some transgender people identify as transsexual if they desire or undergo a medically-assisted transition. When used as an umbrella term, the term is sometimes broadly defined to include crossdressers regardless of gender identity. Being transgender is distinct from sexual orientation, and trans people may be of any orientation.

Many transgender people experience gender dysphoria, stress associated with their assigned sex, and may transition socially, medically, and/or legally. Not all transgender people choose to transition, and some who would like to transition are unable to for medical or financial reasons.

Transgender and furry[edit]

As with real life, transgender and transsexual people exist within the furry fandom. One derogatory stereotype of the fandom is that any person playing a female character is either a trans woman or a man playing pretend.

Roleplaying in the furry community can allow transgender individuals to present as their desired sex/gender even if they're unable to in their real lives.

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