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The following was published by the staff of ConFurence for attendees of the first official furry convention, ConFurence 1 (a previous iteration, ConFurence 0, was held as a dry run the previous year).

In the interest of fandom history, the following transcript of the first official furry convention iteration's first conbook is published.



CONFURENCE 1 Jan 26-28

(Doc Brown): MARTY! I've just realized that the time machine's "time circut" [sic] is still broken! We seem to have ended up in a weird alternate future! (Marty): Uh Prof... (Horse): Excuse me, you look familiar to me, but I just can't seem to put my hoof on it?! (Bear): Now that you mention it... (Fox): Logo?


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Confurence One Collection.

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ConFurence is really YOUR convention. Growth of shared interest in all aspects of anthropomorphics prompted a desire to "get it all together", at least once a year. At other SF/Fantasy or media conventions, we would meet at Furry Parties, display our genre in art shows and costume contests and maybe even attend a few "official" program events; but we were a very definite minority. ConFurence Zero (January 1989) gave us a chance to "be with our own" like never before. It also gave the committee a chance to see just what sort of programming people were interested in. Some items on the schedule were poorly attended, the Costume Cabaret for example. The popular "round-robin" discussion groups were just too short. We have taken these and many other factors into consideration when planning ConFurence One.

What's Going On Discussion Groups: Unlike a regular panel, our "round robin" groups give everyone a chance to participate. The idea is to share interests, not be "lectured" to. We have brought back the more popular themes and added several new subjects dealing with graphic storytelling and art. All groups are now 90 minutes long.

Art Show: As with last year, the Art Show CANNOT be "Sold Out." We will make enough space for all, and we even welcome "late" entries. We will open the Art Show as soon as possible and keep it open late. We will not close it until the VERY last minute, to give everyone a chance to acquire that masterpiece. The auction will be held in the afternoon, to allow for early departures.

"Do It Yourself" Programming: Last year the Holiday Inn folks "threw-in" an extra room, as a bonus. This room is set up like additional restaurant space, with booths and tables with chairs. We really didn't have anything specific planned for this space, so we left it up to You. The "Furum" as we call it can be space for gaming, artists ghetto, or just a place to meet. The year the "furum" is back, by popular demand!

Food for Thought: Trying to get out to grab a bite on Saturday night and not miss the action can be a real problem. To help solve this dilemma, we have organized a low-priced Spaghetti Buffet (with Marinara sauce, for our vegetarian friends). During dinnertime, there will be a break in programming, so you won't miss a thing! The fact taht the restaurant and room service close a 10:00 pm was brought to our attention, so we will have a deli-buffet in the Con Suite open till the wee-small hours of the morning for our Nocturnal members.

Space...the Final Frontier: As small as Zero was, we were a bit cramped last year, particularly in the Art/Dealers' Room. We have arranged to rent the larger ballrooms this time, and will add more space as required in the future.

Let's Do It Again!

Is ConFurence going to be an annual event? Well, that's pretty much up to you. If things go as well as last year (inspite of the problem virus), we will be back again in 1991. Same time, same hotel (that is, if we don't outgrow it. Us furries multiply like rabbits!).

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Roll the Credits...

Special thanks to our guests:

Holiday Inn Bristol Plaza

Video Room Program and Operations

Publications and Graphics:

The Committee:

Special Thanks to the Sponsors of our Guests:

Special Thanks to:

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Telling Mom and Dad[edit]

By Rodney S. O'Riley

You've seen every Disney animated feature on the big screen, new or old, every single time one has come out. Your parents might not consider this strange except that you happen to be twenty-four. What's more, this is where you and your friends hang out as well. The pizza parlor? The bowling alley? The singles' bar? No, watching the newest re-release of "Lady and the Tramp".


Your carefully-guarded and (to them) over-sized collection of collection of comic books consists of maybe one or two "Spider Man" issues and every single copy you could find of Pogo strips, Carl Barks reprints, and obscure, bizarre titles like "Fusion", "Miami Mice", and Cutey Bunny. Clippings of classic Playboy/girl and other such items are allowed to mildew in an old box, but your copies of "Omaha, the Cat Dancer" are kept pristine mint and sealed air-tight enough to ward off cosmic rays.

Know what I mean?

They join you on one of your weekly trips to the zoo, only to find you staring forlornly into one of the compounds for hours on end. They're unable to guess from your misty eyes that you secretly desire to be in the cage on a semi-permanent basis.


Repainting your room has since become unnecessary, because every single inch of wall and ceiling (and beginning on the floor) space has been covered with artwork, xerox copies, and posters. Try as they might, they cannot recognize even the species of the greatest number of them. They're not human, they're not any recognizable animal; they're sorta-kinda both and not really either.

Am I getting it?

Seems to me, sir or madame, it's about time you admitted it to yourself and to them. You're a Furry. An anthro-fan. A Funny Animal Fanatic! Yet even one more twist on your life that Mom and Dad are going to have to get used to.

"Now look. We get used to you spending your every dime on paperbacks and conventions in every city on the globe

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