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(art by Neverwench)

Neverwench (Tracy Bailey, née Pierce) was born November 11, 1976. Tracy is an artist who runs a webcomic, Catena. Tracy's art style is best described as slightly cartoony with a Disney feeling.

While a substantial resemblance can be easily traced, she should not (according to her own statement) be confused with one of the characters from Catena, a snow leopard called Treiss. Treiss may have begun as a role-playing fursona, but she has since evolved into her own unique character.

Tracy also insists that she should not be considered a furry, since she only has interest in drawing anthropomorphic characters and not in furry spirituality or lifestyle. She is also a Christian.

In 2001, Tracy also published a fiction book, Earth Light, complete with her own illustrations. She received the Annual Talent Support Award in 2005. She has also appeared in the Laced! portfolio.

Tracy also works as a freelance artist and colorist for Viper and Image Comics. Titles that her work can be seen in include 'Wonderdog', 'Henchman for Hire', and 'Gary the Pirate'.

Tracy lives in New Mexico, and is married to Lost Dragon, another Christian.

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