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A community for collaborative character creation and trading, worldbuilding and roleplay.
Author(s) Cy and Lulu
Status Alpha, invite-only
Launch date 6 October 2014
End date ongoing
Genre Art archive, trading, roleplay

Toyhouse is a website for the display and trading of adoptable, commissioned and other personal characters or fursonas, and roleplay involving them. This name is often found under art adopts/commissions and (Any) Account names/descriptions/bios to reference the persons/artists acceptance and ability to transfer your new character to the website, or that they have a Toyhouse account and are displaying its existence. As of November 2014, it is in semi-open alpha, with a restricted number of invites being distributed to premium members, who get 2 invite codes every week, distributed on a Sunday.

Images and characters may be organized with tags, folders, world assignments, and links with other characters. Watermarked images may be provided to those who do not have full access. Designers can assign character owners and specify any transfer permissions/restrictions.

Toyhouse is not the only website that does this, other websites such as Etsy and DeviantArt have artists that also engage in exchanges, but Toyhouse is among the most popular.

Toyhouse is being created by Cyan Crows, an Australian game/software studio owned by Cy (countercanon) and Lulu (masolulu). Other staff include Minsuil and Jaywalk.

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