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Tough Pluck is a short 3D computer animation created by retro cartoonist Keeny Fox in 2007. It was made for the major project in the Higher National Diploma animation course at Dundee College. It was modelled and animated in 3D Studio Max. This is also notably Keen's first animated short, and only one in 3D to date.

The short stars one of Keen's characters, Graham Bird (an anthro hawk and musician), as an assistant in a music shop. In the animation he sells a human called Bernie an electric guitar, during a short conversation and demonstration. The animation received a merit award in the course, in spite of Keen's discontent at the end result's shortcomings.

It is also worth mentioning that some pictures of Keen's past cartoons and CD covers are displayed in the shop, including a photo of Keen's real life player himself, with the other members of one of his past musical side projects The Raccoon Gang.

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