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Tote baggs, also known as Haloronin (real name John E. Wuokko), is an artist.


The Tote baggs character, a tanuki, was created in 2005, and existed on Yum Chat in 2007.[1]


Having an expansive family tree, Tote has family from all over the world, or at least knows a cousin or two that he has close enough ties with to get some local knowledge from.

Tote Baggs, the tanuki, is a worldly-wise fellow having spent most of his youth abroad, learning various cultures, by burying himself in books of history, speaking with the elder creatures of the world, or actually visiting the places both monotonous and legendary.

Has picked up various accents along his travels, mostly having settled in to a light homely southern American accent in his speech, as well as a minor lisp. Not something he can really hear outside of someone presenting him with a recording of himself, which he will obviously deny because he thinks he sounds silly.

As pun-ny as it is, Tote also carries with him an over the shoulder messenger (tote) bag. In this he has what one would call "hammer space" (extra dimensional pocket), where he stores multitudes of random items including: food, transformation leaves that he sometimes uses, scrolls of various meanings, and even a piko-piko hammer.

Within the dimension of Earth Eternal, Tote has found himself drawn to Gaia, claiming his profession as a Druid. Having acquired the rights of passage in the circles of druid lines, bestowing him the same grants and permissions to roam and perform similar rights and act as a priest in Reviving, and healing others. After hearing of the fine workmanship and appealing design of the Heartwood area, he has also purchased a collection of Heartwood armor set as well as some rare red velvet spaulders for himself, as a protective measure when facing off with the anubians, while he spends his time on Anglorum island, waiting for his chance to be called to the mainlands, by the druid order. Though he has strong ties with the luster-fern clan, he does also have friendly relations with the rainbow furs clan as well as other small troops that have recently arrived in form earthrise, and corsica.


Tote Like many other tanuki, has a moderate pudge to his fluff, generally he declares it officially as "a bit more to love" since Regular exercise seems to be a low priority to him. however he is still capable of some physical feats that most wouldn't think of trying to endure, mostly this general toughness he developed form the various jobs and environments he's had to work within and his natural pliability and mild shape shifting.

In part of his heritage, your adverage pudgy tanuki, and just to describe him form head to toe, his ears are rather curved and wide, somewhat mouseish but their position and slight taper to them reveals a more canine feature, his face is rather bland having a 3 inch muzzle, with a black button nose, and a bandit mask rather then a crying mask usually found on red pandas or fire foxes, his muzzle itself seems unassumingly thin filled with small short omnivorous teeth. the fluff at his cheeks and chin area seem rather grown out. compared to the rest of his face,showing that he'd grown a beard out of his fluff.

his neck just the same ans his face is rather bland earthy brown, and sticking out some from his collar almost like a mane. below that would be a rather broken in and well work robe, deep forest green in color, and trimmed in a glossy silk ribbon, along the hems and sash tied around his waist in a square knot, a a small belt pouch hanging form his side to store smaller things like flashlight, keys, change. just basic everyday necessities. then at his knees, ends his robe, his body itself seems rather pudgy, having a swell of about 4 foot around at his belly as it hangs over his belt almost obscuring it form sight, while his reddish brown legs poke out form underneath, muscled proportionality to accommodate his hefty weight. but soft looking and rather undefined like some would usual foresee a muscle builder. his feet seem still rather small for his size, ending in a four toed configuration, and in a planigrade paws, his dewclaws remain right in the arch of his toes having become rather vestigial. in nature. and almost unnoticeable.


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