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Tory A. Chang (also known as Slashersivi or Sivi; born October 20, 1986)[1] is a fursuiter and an "artist who loves animation (and anime!) and has an obsession with sword-and-various-weapon weilding anthros along with anything with wings."[2] Originally from Nevada, USA,[3] she lives in Sparta, Tennessee.[1]

Her fursona is a Pandonkat (a panda-donkey-cat hybrid),[3] and was previously a "panda/raccoon/feline cross".[4]


Tory has been interested in anthropomorphic animals since childhood, when she read the Redwall series and created her own Long Patrol character (a hare named Terra).[5] Tory is a World of Warcraft addict, her main character in the game being Demoora, a Tauren druid on Stormscale.

Tory has been in the furry fandom for "10+ years now" as of October, 2013.[3] She was a member of the Burned Furs.[6]

In 2011, Tory constructed a project where artists collaborated to create playing card decks based on characters from Alice in Wonderland. The project's main artists were herself, Draconoskirojin, Vexingly Yours, TsukiKitsuneTanuki, Alice the Sable, and Sticky Bubblegum.


Tory's fursuit character is Bill the Blue Donkey, who was constructed by Beastcub.[7]


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