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Charles D. Derr, born on September 23, 1991, is a Louisiana Fur, hardcore gamer, and a fanboy of many video games, book series, and movies. He lives in Many, Louisiana.

Throughout his days as a furry, he has been many different species - a cat, an otter, an Eevee, etc. But lately, he has been sticking with being a squirrel, who is an angel and a vampire.

Currently, he has nothing really going for him, mostly being a MU* player, an avid video gamer, an author (suffering from an extreme case of writer's block), a role-player, and a fan of many different things.


Torry, back in the early days, was known as Furcadia player Varin Moon, a vampiric feline. Torry changed characters altogether - this time a squirrel named Tormund Ellis, in reference to the Neopets character.

As of late 2011, Torry is in a master/pet relationship with Maverick Skye, and is waiting as patiently as he possibly can to move to his master's place to get happier than he's ever been.

Favorite things[edit]

Things he enjoys.

  • Pokémon (Wasted at least 10 years or so of his life on Pokémon, so he knows a LOT about it)
  • Redwall (Only got into it around April of '11, but already considers himself a Redwall fanatic)
  • Scott Pilgrim VS. The World (Only four months of knowing it, and he already owns the movie, the comics, and is working on obtaining the game soon)
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (He holds a high opinion of this book series)
  • Harry Potter (He finds this to be a lot better than Twilight, but that's mostly his, and a lot of other's, opinions)
  • Pizza (While it's not a book or game or anything, he loves pizza)

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