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Toontown Public Works was a podcast hosted by K.C. the Dog, HT the Raccoon and Circ the Cat centered on early 20th Century cartoons that have entered the public domain or are otherwise freely distributed. It was edited by Alex the Lemur and Aki the Dragon. Originally starting in May 2017, Toontown Public Works released 55 episodes before going on indefinite hiatus in March 2021.

Episode format[edit]

Each episode is introduced by a narrator announcing that the podcast is produced under the purview of the "Toontown Historical Society", who have selected the three hosts as being responsible for watching Toontown's archive of programming in order to "find the hidden gems". Episodes were typically split into three segments:

Animation news: The first segment discussed contemporary animation industry news and, on occasion, brief reviews of recently released films and programs.

Episode reviews: The bulk of an episode was focused on a collaborative review of 2–4 episodes of public domain cartoons, randomly drawn from a spreadsheet ominously referred to as "The List". Many episodes would draw the ire of the hosts—particularly those featuring racist caricatures or other outdated stereotypes—while others would be better regarded as timeless examples of early animation.

Listener prompt: The hosts would pose a question to the listeners such as "Which of you childhood toys would be the star of your personal Toy Story?" The hosts would read out and discuss responses sent by listeners and provide their own answers to the prompt. A new prompt would be given for answers to respond to at the end of each episode.

Spin-off podcasts[edit]

Two spin-off podcasts were produced exclusively for the show's Patreon supporters. Unlike regular episodes, these episodes weren't censored and editors Alex and Aki joined the others as co-hosts.

Toontown Nights[edit]

The hosts would watch and review poorly-reviewed feature-length animated films, as voted upon by their Patreon supporters. The hosts were required to sincerely complement the film before they were allowed to criticize it.

Toontown Chronicles[edit]

A short-form podcast where each host would discuss one topic that they've recently been interested or involved in.

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