Toons, Furr, and Fluff

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Toons, Furr, and Fluff
Subject Furry/Sonic/Care Bears
Server, port 7070 →
Status Closed
Ran from/to 1996? - September 22, 1998
Toons, Furr, and Fluff (TF&F) was a MUCK. Its successor is SpinDizzy.

MUCK Description[edit]

(As taken from a "Description of Various Furry MU*s" Usenet post in September 1998):

New players welcome: features several communities in search of members, among them an alliance of evildoers; a small but eager space community; a locally-developed magical scheme; an underground squirrel city; and a Care Bear neighborhood seeking both new Care Bears/Care Bear Cousins and also people willing to play "canonical" Care Bear characters.

"A small but social environment, with nothing horrible or indecent or outrageous going on; some find this appealing."[1]


Areas on TF&F included Squirrel City, an underground city inhabited almost entirely by nonanthro squirrels. It was intended to be off limit to those too large to fit in its small structures, and so a "Drone Machine" (actually a TRaM) was used to supply larger visitors with VR-operated robotic squirrels to use in exploring the city.

Squirrel City was an extension of the alt.devilbunnies continuity into an imagined future in which the squirrel slaves of the devilbunnies had fled Earth in a spaceship and established a colony on another planet. The concept was originated by the person who authored the characters Teral and Chit on alt.devilbunnies, and the city was jointly built by him and the writer behind the character Tuesday Black. On TF&F, they played Chit, a future descendent of the canonical Chit of alt.devilbunnies, and Tuesday, a future descendent of the canonical Tuesday Black, and together were the main driving force behind Squirrel City role-playing on the MUCK.

Squirrel City was later transferred into the MUCK's successor, SpinDizzy MUCK, in the form of ruins, and is still present there.


TF&F went down after "the whole server had been wiped out, including the backups of the TF&F database."[2]


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Further reading[edit]

  • Notes on Spindizzy, TF&F, and Dreamtime by Austin Dern, and Spindizzy: A brief social history, by Chanspot, edited by Kinsor - SpinDizzy MUCK, luge n1 e5, op, 2, l list
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