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Toonime Island MUCK was a MUCK setting based on a Who Framed Roger Rabbit? type of setting; wherein cartoon characters and humans live side-by-side. It was taken offline by a catastrophic hardware failure sometime before April, 2014. All data appears to have been lost.

There were a collection of stories that the MUCK is based on that may be found here: The Legacy - Fanfic Hero


  • Findra - Server Wizard.
  • Firesong - Player Relations leodragon and general MUF Wizard.
  • Devvy-boy - Forest River Region (live-action scenarios) Wizard.
  • Murdock - Transformation Scenario Wizard.
  • Warheart - Character Creation centaur and general rules manager.

Incarnations and servers[edit]

Warheart has remade the old Golden Realms Classic MUCK on the new server which is owned by Findra.


Scenario regions[edit]

  • Infinite Heights / Animation Park (OOC Player Region)
    • This is the starting location for all visitors to Toonime Island MUCK. The mood here is Out of Character so that a Wizard or Moderator can assist you in getting your character set up for play and inclusion on the MUCK itself. For more Wizardly help, a player may proceed to the Albert Atticus Mansion.
  • Terryville Region NW of Animation Park
    • Mayor: Terry Knight (aka Mighty Mouse.) This is the home to all of the classic animal cartoon stars... from the Pink Panther to Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse. Defying gravity and painting a functioning door in a brick wall are common activities here. While human visitation is allowed, and sponsored teenagers are permitted, this region is primarily for the animal cartoons themselves. The local school, AniSapien High, is located in Terryville and the college, Acme Looniversity, is located in Wonderland. The local Ink and Paint Club is ran by the Pink Panther. Other towns in this region: Terryville, Jellystone, Cloud Kingdoms, and Wonderland.
  • Forest River Region NE of Animation Park
    • Mayor: Andrea Thomas (aka All Mighty Isis.) This is the home to all of the live-action cartoon and sentai stars... from the SHAZAM and Land of the Lost to Ghost Busters and even the Super Sentai teams. Living live action adventures every day is the norm in this region dedicated to real human stars. The local school, Jefferson High School, and the local college, St Morita Laredo, may both be found here as well as the Insanitarium Clinic ran by Dr. Warner and Dr. Tennyson. Other towns in this region: Forest River, Talisman City, Ranger Grove, and Spooky Harbor.
  • Japanopolis Region SW of Animation Park
    • Mayor: Mamoru Chiba (aka Takishi-do Kamen (Darien aka Tuxedo Mask.)) This is the home to all anime and manga stars, martial arts like anime and cartoon stars, and Digimon, Pokemon, and Monster Rancher characters. This region is like every anime serial or movie you've ever seen and perhaps the most normal looking area of the entire island. The local school, New Kyoto High, and the local college, Hon. Sensei Kanji, may both be found here as well as the Olympic Coliseums for the entire island. Other towns in this region: Japanopolis, Montropolis, Mojo Dojo, and Drakozonia.
  • Meta-Star City Region SE of Animation Park
    • Mayor: Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman.) This is the super powered home of all cartoon and comic book superheroes and super villains, as well as the junior sleuthing detectives without powers. There are two versions of schools in the region... the normal school and the one for super powers. Also, the union prevents outright "loonie" chaos from heroes and villains alike. Therefore, you could meet villains like Doctor Doom and Lex Luthor during off duty hours on a crosstown bus. The local superhero/super villain school, Hero High, and the local college, Maverick Institute of Technology (MIT), may both be found here as well as a Transportal to the Consortium College of Magic (ran by Salem Spellman.) Other towns in this region: Meta-Star City, Comita-Gotham, Coolsville, and Jaded Shadow.

Transportal regions[edit]

  • TP1-Starknight Transportal Entry: Japanopolis Region (SW)
    • Mayor: Casey Glendon (aka The Golden Mage.) This is the mythological home to all things magical, knightly, and chivalrous in the cartoon and anime worlds. He-Man, She-Ra, King Arthur and the Knights of Justice, Princess Guinevere and Jewel Riders, The Visionaries, and others live and dwell within these magical realms. Animythium, a Toonium alternative product, is manufactured in Mystic Glen.
  • TP2-Dragotopia Transportal Entry: Japanopolis Region (SW)
    • Mayor: Puff the Magic Dragon. This is the scaly and leezardish home of all dragons, drakes, mini-dragons, shadodraks, shadogyles, lizard men, and other various genres of scalies and lizards. There are several schools in Dragotopia... the normal school, the Draconic Institute of Academic Learning (DIAL), and the business college for dragons and drakes. Also, the unions in Dragotopia protect its citizens from entrapment and/or 'ahem' accidents that could occur when playing with dragons which is truthfully hazardous.
  • TP3-Digimon Zoological Park Transportal Entry: Japanopolis Region (SW)
    • Mayors: Vance Hunter & Christopher Maxwell. These are the Digital World inter-dimensional realms to all things Digimon, whether mainstream or fan-created. The main Zoological Park is the home to the Fan-Created Season 1 Digital World which appeared way back on Mature Fandomon Muck in ancient times.
  • TP4-Impville Transportal Entry: Meta-Star City Region (SE)
    • Mayor: Wankerfella. This is the home to the imps and fairies who love to make fun, and sometimes naughty, surprises. Rarely does anyone wear clothing in this realm, save for the nobles and those is positions of authority. Both Impville and the Cockpit Fields may be found here.
  • TP5-Cloud Kingdoms Transportal Entry: Terryville Region (NW)
    • Mayor: Cheer Heart Bear. These are the cloud kingdoms of Care-a-lot, the Forest of Feelings, the Sands of Legacy, and Pony Land, as well as other areas of interest (including No-Heart's Castle of Evil.) The Care Bears and their Cousins, as well as the My Little Ponies are common sights within these realms. Timesheart Tiger's Tower of Time is also located within this realm.
  • TP6-Chaosmire (Old Q.C.) Transportal Entry: Meta-Star City Region (SE)
    • Mayor: Lord Rodney Blayze. While not actually connected to Toonime Island, even the truly angelic and horrifically evil beings of inter-dimensional fame need a place to call their home. The Seven Heavens, Twin Paradises, Elysium, Happy Hunting Grounds, Olympus, Asgard, Limbo, Pandemonium, the Abyss, Tarterus, Hades, Gehenna, the Nine Hells, Acheron, Nirvana, Arcadia, and the Concordant Opposition. Angels, Devils, Demons, Gods, and all of their minions. The most famous place in their realms is a shopping center known as The Rotunda, where all the powers go to purchase their goods. There are also "portals" in The Rotunda granting direct access to all of the planar "job taverns."
  • TP7-The Last Frontier Transportal Entry: Meta-Star City Region (SE)
    • Mayor: Admiral Haynes. These regions of toon and anime outer space is the home to all of the space traveling cartoons and anime stars, such as Space Ghost, Teen Force, Voltron, Dirty Pair, Thundercats, etc. Be warned: this is not guaranteed to be a safe setting for visitation.

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