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Fox in the Mirror
Sammy Stripes, built April 2007
German shepherd, built June 2008

ToonPaw, formerly known as Tvalo Bear (real name Mike Foley) is a furry fan, a fursuiter and fursuit maker and designer at ToonSuits Character Costumes, a Vancouver, Canada-based mascot making organization. He is an avid traveller, and history buff. He is always happy to chat up a fellow furry and lend a helping paw.

Fandom involvement[edit]

ToonPaw joined the furry community in the mid-1990s. He was always a fan of animation art and cute cartoon characters. He worked for The Walt Disney Company in the early 1990s and Baloo the Bear is his all-time favourite character. He began making fursuits in 2003 and has made many dozens of cute cartoon-type characters.


Toonpaw has several personal fursuits but prefers to build them for other people and see their characters romping around.


ToonSuits Character Costumes (ToonSuits) is a fursuit company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is owned by ToonPaw.

ToonSuits is a Vancouver, Canada, registered company, and has been making mascots and fursuits since 2003. They have made dozens of suits for various charities, elementary schools in North America, and for private owners and furries around North America, Japan, and Europe. ToonSuit costumes tend to be wide-eyed, cartoon-type critters. Each suit is built to a customer's specifications.

Recent furry creations include Sammy Stripes, DC Coyote, Jurann's hyena fursuit, BigBellyBear, Oakley Snowcat, Coast Bunny, Eryshé Falafel, Yargo Platz, DJ Wuff, and more!

Corporate and business mascots include the Vancouver Police Force (German shepherd dog), Claremont Prepartory School (wolverine), Tuscany Hills Elementary School (coyote), HotShots Girl's Soccer Team (seagull), THE FOX 103.1 FM (fox), Lakewood Creek Elementary (coyote), McKenzie Elementary School (wolf), and The Cornvallis Times-Gazette (beaver).

ToonSuits costumes have been seen in Vancouver Courier newspaper in Fur play article and on CBC TV's Culture Shock in a segment titled Beauty and the Beast.[1]


  1. The webpage includes image saying "Costumes featured in the "Vancouver Courier" paper March 4, 2004". Second image says "Costumes Seen on CBC Television's "Culture Shock" November 2003".

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