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Toon-CA7 (or just Toon; born 1983) is a furry artist from Mexico City, Mexico. His fursona, which he has had since the late 1990s, is a badger/lizard cross. Although this hybrid is 70% lizard (iguana), it still looks like a common European Badger.

The suffix "CA7" became part of Toon's name in his bachelor years, after he become part of a graffiti crew named "Creating Art 7".

He's an Amateur Artist and since 2017 had been mostly inactive in the drawing and conventions vein; he does mostly some engineering and blueprint making jobs from last 2017 and early 2018, just drawing few personal stuff and belated comissions.


Toon assisted at Eurofurence 13 and Eurofurence 14. He attended Eurofurence 13 as part of the Dealers Den crew, taking on-site commissions.

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