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Tony Greyfox (born September 27th, 1970) is a furry who lives in British Columbia, Canada.[1] His fursona is a kitsune.[2]

A furry writer, Greyfox has had several stories published. "Blood Bonds" was published in Anthro issues 11 and 12. His story "By A Nose" was published in Heat #7. "Dates" was published in the anthology Taboo. "Distant Shores" appeared in The Furry Future: 19 Possible Prognostications from FurPlanet Productions. "Bears, Repeating" will appear in Heat #12. He will also be published in a forthcoming noir-themed anthology.

Greyfox is the creator of the Furry Wrestling Alliance role-playing group. He owns a raccoon partial fursuit of his character Patch.

Greyfox has been a staff member for VancouFur since its inception, mostly as Conbook Lead. He is also current President of the VancouFur Board of Directors.


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