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Tomlyon is a character on Tapestries MUCK, based at the Temple of Divinity. Tomlyon is at least partly inspired by Meier Link from Vampire Hunter D. Tomlyon's name is actually pronounced Tom-Lee-On.

Tomlyon is a tad newer than most of the characters, being now a little over a year old, but he has been involved in a great number of RPs since he first wandered into the temple. He is a 6' 5" tall vampiric tiger, and has a blue coloration instead of the normal orange. However, he is usually covered in armor and robes, along with a mask that hides half his face (his mouth and nose), so that fur of his is usually only seen when he's wounded or by friends and family. Tom is the twin brother of Meerell, and they grew up together until they were ten, when they were separated in the middle of a raid on their hometown. His parents, a tigress and an ice elemental, were killed when their house was burned to the ground.

Tom spent his teens as an adventurer. Being half-elemental, he controlled ice as if it was nothing, but was susceptible to heat and fire magics. Not much is known about this time of his life except that Pyros Byrnur is the only surviving member of his adventuring band, as Tom himself was slain in their final mission.

The final mission above was one his party thought they could handle, and it's premise was simple. Their quest was to destroy a vampiress that had been feeding on residents of the town. They, needless to say, failed. Every member of his party was killed with the exception of Pyros, who was ill at the time. Tom was the last to be slain by the vampiress, and was turned by her into a vampire. He awoke a few days later in a coffin at the town, beside his former teammates, as a vampire, much to his initial horror. He, aided by Pyros, wandered the land in this form, unsure what to do with himself, until he came across the Temple of Divinity, and, with the help of a priestess, came to accept who he is today, and uses his powers as he sees fit for the forces of good. His ice powers, however, were lost the day he became a vampire.

Tom has become much more powerful since he first came to the temple, and is now a master-class vampire, making him possibly the third or fourth strongest person in the entire temple, behind only people like Xylia Silverwynd, Ty-yen, and maybe Desolation. However, his attitude has also become much more serious, and is now normally seen brooding about, pondering the events of the day and how to react to them. He is optimistic, however, and very kind to the people he likes. Also, he appears to be at least a little bit merciful, killing only when necessary, claiming that ending a mortal life is "such a waste." He has also become the head vampire of the temple, in charge of all vampiric and sometimes other undead activity.

Tom is Slavic, having been born in what is now Russia (making him a Siberian tiger). As such, he has a thick Russian accent that his player usually does not convey into the text of the MUCK. This may make some to believe he's meant to sound like Dracula, while this is not the case and in actuality he would sound much like the fictional Vampire Hunter D, a deep-yet-soft voice, but with an accent.

His RPs mainly revolve around his mate (Habibah), Set, other vampires, Maat, or friends in need.

His RPs[edit]

Tom's very first RP was brief, it involved him and Quelith only. It was Tom showing up at the temple gate, near suicidal and starving, hating his new, undead life. With the help of the priestess Quelith, Tom came to terms with his new self, and has since shown large amounts of vampiric pride.

Tomlyon's first real RP to star in was the "Myrror" storyline. In it, a doppleganger (Myrror) disguised himself as the blue tiger, raped Habibah (Who was not yet his mate at the time) and tortured the high priest Akkadian's servant to insane amounts. Myrror then bound the servant to a spot by stabbing a thin dagger through her hand into a wall. This RP ended abruptly after a few weeks of searching for Myrror and Tom's brief servitude to Set, as OOC issues caused Myrror's player to leave the temple. This RP, however, founded Tom's preference for Maat, as she saved him from Set's servitude after Set tricked Tom into allying himself with the dark god. It was later revealed that Set had sent Myrror to impersonate Tom in the first place, and that Set still intends to make Tom his pawn someday.

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