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Tombi, as seen at LondonFurs
Tombi's current partial suit

Tombi Itachizame, also known as Tombi (real name Mira Tate, née Mark John Tate; born December 7, 1990), is a female graphic/anthro artist, skateboarder and multi-musician who lives in in Portsmouth, England.


Tombi's hometown is Peterborough, and she spent most of her life living in Newcastle upon Tyne. The name "Tombi" comes from the protagonist of the Playstation video game Tombi!, which is still is her favorite from her childhood. "Itachizame" translates to "tiger shark" in Japanese, since she had a fondness for Japanese culture. Tombi lives with her fiancée, Imvula, and their two cats.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Tombi joined the furry fandom in 2010, through an introduction from someone whom she was romantically involved with at the time. Before she joined the fandom, Tombi would draw things such as anthropomorphic animals, video game characters, cartoon characters, and tattoo designs; things she was passionate about.

Tombi is a member of the HantsFurs and LondonFurs, and attends the Southampton and London furmeets as often as they happen. Tombi is an ex-member of the NorthernFurs.


Tombi's fursona is a purple-striped tiger shark with spiky pink hair, purple stripes, a light grey and white body, with blue turquoise eyes.

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