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Tomas Seglins is an artist and writer.

Book's Cover, Hammerfall Orbital Station

Hammerfall is a short novel written by amateur author and artist Tomas Seglins in 2006 and is the first part of a three-book story planned to be completed by late 2007. The story is set in the futuristic outer regions planets, a massively-detailed universe created solely by the author and set roughly in the year 3300 (thirty-fourth century). The region was settled by colonial human explorers and later populated by three anthropomorphic species, collectively called Humans. These races are the Eserian (Foxes), the Iyolish (Husky/German Shepherd) and the Anglish (Great Danes). The story of Hammerfall is based around the first book's primary character Vanessa Deoritcht, a low-class Navy pilot/commander.

After nearly 90 years after what was known as the first Trade War against an unforeseen alien alliance known as the Coalition due to forced taxation and trade filtering, now humanity lives in fear of the commissioned Privateer fleets that stalk the territory between the two primary Human colonies, Hammerfall and Eveshire.

Tomas chose to give the reader a view from both sides as the story progresses towards the inevitable second Trade War, the other character being the Coalition's primary militant commander, a female of the Jyyk'Tiir race known as T'Lorrk. Whilst the primary ruling body of the Coalition struggles to keep the peace between humanity and their Alliance of five races, T'lorrk vies to erupt a war between the two, further defining her distaste for the human Settlers.

The First Book[edit]

Not wishing to gain profit from the book, Tomas has made the entire first book of the series available to read via his DeviantArt page. The story itself has not been though a final edit and may be changed once the series is complete.


Chapter One:

Chapter Two:

Chapter Three:

Chapter Four:

Chapter Five:

The second and third books will also be available to read without the need of purchase.

The Two Factions[edit]

Terran Corporate Empire[edit]

An Anglish soldier

Formed at the end of nearly two thousand years of conflict, after two entire worlds were destroyed during the Iyolish war against the Anglish Humanity finally found peace upon realizing the devastation and nearly a trillion lives lost. The Anglish, Iyolish and the Eserians settled Eveshire, the third homeworld after the loss of both Earth and Nighthaven, the second Human world. The culture was formed as a part of the Socialist order created by the gigantic corporations combined and ruled by a Democratic leadership, combining the two into a state of Social Democracy.

Each industry, the military and all other services and organizations are coordinated into a single state by representatives of each division as part of the Democratic leadership, also known as The Council and whose actions can be attributed to that of a Republic where the people vote and are a part of decisions made.

Although the name Empire was adopted, there is no single ruling entity, the name was originally a nickname as the council acted as one mind and one voice though eventually it was voted in unanimously and officially. As the TCE is largely based off of the operations of the Corporate entities, their economy is reinforced and extremely stable, whereas their currency is measured by the worth of gold by weight and traded as the Terran Credit (one Terran Credit is worth 0.026 grams of gold as the TCE uses a Metric measurement system.

United Planets Coalition[edit]

Much like the TCE, the UPC was formed at the end of a long struggle between the Jyyk'Tiir and the Makaaik alongside their allies, the Talankas. Their nation was formed with the concept of a perfect society where the attributes of all the aligned people were as one, forming a strong bond between the five races.

As a whole the UPC acts directly as a Republic, each race is represented by elected Diplomats which can be closely attributed to Senators of modern-day and led by one governing body titled the Grand Councilor, best attributed to a national President. The population of the UPC is formed by the five races, The Makaaik, the Talankas, The Jyyk'Tiir, the Dakhari and the Veslaii. Each of the five have unique customs, technology and methods and have been combined to form the idea of a perfect society. The people of the Coalition are adaptable and thrive well alongside nature with a decent yet sturdy economy traded in the form of services rather than currency.

Featured Races[edit]

Races of the Terran Corporate Empire:[edit]

Anglish (AHn-gli-sch/numerous pronunciations) -The most common species in the Hammerfall/Eveshire universe, they are depicted as tall and strongly built people (Most commonly depicted seven to eight feet in height), physiologically based off of the Great Dane canine species. The Anglish language is the dominant tongue among the Humans and they speak with accents not unlike modern-day English.

Iyolish (EE-ohl-ISH) -Ancient rivals of the Anglish races, Iyolishmen and women are now their allies in light of the threat looming from the Coalition. They are based off of the Husky and German Shepherd breeds and vary in appearance between the two and are spoken with a combination of thick American-like and eastern-European accents. Standing at heights of usually six feet, they are the second-tallest of the three Human races.

Eserians (Eh-SIR-ee-ahns) -The more adventurous of the three, Eserians make up the traders and pilots of the Terran Corporate Empire. They are short (four to five feet tall) though always seem to have more character than their taller counterparts. Speaking with a combination of Anglish and Asian/Middle-Eastern tongues with subsequent accents though have been known to speak similar to the Anglish. The Eserians were created using physiology of Foxes.

Races of the United Planets Coalition:[edit]

Makaaik (Mah-Kah-Ah-eek) -An ancient race of Amphibious decent, hailing from the Aquatic world of Makahla. Their soft and kind features are matched perfectly with their kind natures, though quite apt at leadership, the Makaaik were the first to initiate the Rites of the Unification which brought an end to the conflict between the five races. They brought councils, law and virtue to the Coalition, unifying them under a banner of peace with their wisdom.

Talankas (Tah-LAHN-kahs) -Originally allied with the Makaaik, the Talankas have the appearance and demeanor of savage animals though this does not reflect their wise and caring attributes. They are the councilors and are often employed as advisory-aids in both military and other council-representations. Standing at heights of ten to twelve feet tall, they are the largest sentient race in the galaxy.

Jyyk'Tiir (ZZ-sheek-Teer) -Cruel and unforgiving, the Jyyl'Tiir honor those more than willing to give their lives in battle. Originally the cause of the ancient wars they now form the bulk of the Coalition armada under the guidance of Talankas overseers. They are an insectoid-like race with hardened carapace and six limbs (Four legs, two arms). Combined with the ability of flight and razor-sharp claws the Jyyk'Tiir are natural hunters and soldiers, reflecting well their warrior-like natures. They hail from the tropical planets just on the boundary of chartered Coalition space.

Dakhari (Dah-Kah-Ree) -Coming from the desert plains of their ocean-less planet Aska, the Dakhari are the most benevolent race in the universe, not one would lift a weapon to save their own life as they believe all wars are an unnecessary evil that plagues every nation known. Despite this they are natural builders and designers, having built all of the Coalition's many cities as well as the ships and weapons used by their comrades. Most of the other races find it strange that they would gladly build weaponry for their allies yet never use one for themselves no matter the situation.

Veslaii (Veh-slah-EE) -Similar to the Dakhari, the Veslaii are peaceful and artistic, bringing art and culture to the Coalition. it is said by all the other races that they are the favored allies as they represent a life without concern as they are strong believers of a fate that cannot be altered as well as the basic action/reaction philosophy. They are the newest members of the Coalition and their homeworld is uncharted and unknown, seemingly to have appeared shortly after the alliance was organized.


As designing and concept-work is one of Tomas' strongest passions, the technology of the Hammerfall universe was a fun chore as he still is designing much of the aspects to appear in the later novels.

Plasma or Fusion?[edit]

Long before any of the Alien races were created, there was a personal debate whether or not to use Plasma-based Technology/energy or Fusion. After a lot of wasted paper going through all of his designs and ideas he suddenly discovered that it was a more exciting idea to have both, only the two warring factions to have only one or the other.

The Terran Corporate Empire, or known as the United Terran Federation in earlier concepts was given Fusion technology and all gun-powder was abolished to follow through with his altered history idea that formed the unique time line starting from 1700 AD. Upon further study of Gaussian and Railgun technology the two were combined to form the standard design principle of the Terran offensive capability.

The United Planets Coalition was granted Plasma technology, making them a little more stereo-typical aliens though not superior to the Human's capabilities. In the Hammerfall universe, there is no existence of energy shielding of any kind nor teleportation and hyperspace which so frequently are thrown into Science Fiction stories.

Technology Used[edit]

Jump Drives[edit]

To replace the stereotypical Hyperdrives influenced by the Star Wars Universe & Motion Pictures, the Jump Drive was conceived to be a rapid form of transport used by ships of both Coalition and Terran fleets as well as various transportation vessels. The concept was to create a form of instantaneous propulsion combined with an inertial dampener that can physically propel a ship to near light-speed using thrusters as there are no forms of internal propulsion nor any recorded vessel, Coalition nor Terran has ever broken the Light barrier.

Fusion Energy[edit]

The Terrans, having consumed Fossil Fuels rampantly upon two worlds finally moved to a form of Sub-Molecular Fusion. Also called Molecular stripping, the process involves taking radioactive particles from a substance, mainly a Uranium equivalent by use of starting a Fusion reaction that actively turns the molecules into near-pure energy at an efficiency of 27%. The resulting power generation exceeds anything modern equivalents are capable of in both Voltage and Amperage. A small Fusion reactor generates a dangerous amount of Radioactive energy though can power even the largest ships with a gram of the substance for nearly three whole days.

Railguns & Gaussian Weaponry[edit]

The primary armaments of the Terran Corporate Empire are some of the most deadliest weapons in the known galaxy. By using incredible bursts of magnetic energy, railguns and Gauss-weapons are able to propel solid rounds of varying sizes at speeds well over 3500 Meters per second, creating an impact equivalent of a ballistic missile with only one-three kilogram round, overall cutting the offensive budget by 85% compared to using former technology.

Plasma Weaponry and Energy[edit]

The pride and joy of the UPC, Plasma-based energy production and weaponry are cheap and easy to manufacture. Using impressive amounts of heat-energy, Plasma is a form of Thermal power and weaponry, able to melt through even the toughest of physical armor. The weaponry fires by first charging a cell of liquid plasma then discharging using magnetic propulsion, emphasizing one of the many similarities between the Humans and their Alien opponents.

Polarized Armor[edit]

After extensive research and many Navy vessels lost, the Terran Corporate Empire discovered methods of reinforcing the armored hull of their Navy Ships by using a certain frequency of harmonics and energy which assists in either deflecting or partly absorbing the damage caused by UPC plasma weaponry. In most cases the armor is able to defend against glancing shots though direct impacts still inflict considerable damage as there is no physical way to stop a perpendicular shot against the hull.


Originally stolen technology fitted to light-weight transport vessels, Thermal Optics were invented by the UPC though later abandoned as Human scanning technology developed rapidly to counter such measures. Most notable uses of the Technology were on ships such as the Harlequin, used during the first trade war to smuggle supplies directly through enemy lines. The technology was not largely implemented as it is not a cost-effective countermeasure and is easily detected if you are directly searching for the vessel as there are tell-tale signatures that are emitted whilst it is in use.

Novel Schedule[edit]

Tomas plans to have the three-part series finished late 2007, the other two books aside from Hammerfall are;

-Book 2: The Siege of Eveshire

-Book 3: The Coalition

As the first book followed the character Vanessa, the second and third books follow other characters in a similar pattern to the first completed book. The series outlines the various instabilities in both seemingly-stable cultures, emphasizing the political struggles in the third book whereas the primary character is a part of the Coalition leadership council.


As well as Tomas' developing ability as an author, he also practices numerous forms of art, ranging from digital to traditional works. Hammerfall was intended to both polish and practice his story writing and artwork by creating the extensive range of characters throughout the story. At present there are not many predominant images completed though the title page as displayed above shows his favor in pencils and hand-sketching.

Most of the art and the story itself are displayed on an account named Aliies on, Tomas' site also hosts his other works in Architecture and Mechanical design.

Siege of Eveshire Book Cover Concept:

Eserian Trader:

Eveshire Soldier:

Warship Concepts:

Weapon Technology Concept: